I just wanted to let you know that we were very grateful and happy with the crew that removed and replaced our oil tank. You really have some very qualified and nice people working for you. “Team Mi...

-- Brookfield, CT Customer

From the Energy Experts

If you spend time away from your home during the winter, the experts at Mitchell recommend investing in a FreezeAlarm Dialer. This device will contact preprogrammed telephone numbers if the temperature in your home or business drops below 45°F or if there’s a power outage at the location. With this tool, you can leave your home or business knowing that if there is an issue while you are away, you will be notified before anything happens. The FreezeAlarm Dialer can be easily installed in minutes at most locations, and the alarm will continue to dial the predetermined phone numbers until the problem is addressed. For more information on this device, please call (800) 237-3835 to speak with one of our experts!