I just wanted to let you know that we were very grateful and happy with the crew that removed and replaced our oil tank. You really have some very qualified and nice people working for you. “Team Mi...

-- Brookfield, CT Customer
Heating Oil

Choosing a heating oil provider that your family can feel good about is not always a simple process. At Mitchell, we understand and that’s why we focus on building a relationship with you based on trust and honesty.

We have proudly provided heating oil to thousands of families in Connecticut and New York for nearly 70 years. Please review some of the benefits of becoming a Mitchell Heating Oil Customer and experience the difference of receiving service in the Mitchell Manner!

  • Flexible Price Protection Plans: Available for any budget, Mitchell’s price protection plans provide you with an easy way to control your heating oil costs. For more information about our price protection plans, please click here!
  • Automatic Delivery or Will Call
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service: We’re always available when you need us; 24-hours a day, seven days a week!
  • High Quality, Additized Oil: The home heating experts at Mitchell are committed to providing families
    and businesses in Connecticut and New York the highest quality products on the market, which is why every gallon of heating oil we sell is enhanced with special fuel additives. These additives are specifically designed to reduce sludge buildup in your tank and lines, protect metal components from rust and corrosion, and keep your heating system running at peak performance, which saves you money!
  • Courteous & Professional Experts: Our helpful staff specializes in treating you and your family with the kind of care and respect that you deserve.
  • Dual Fuel DiscountIf you use heating oil and propane at your home, you may be able to receive this discount. To learn more about propane, please visit our Propane page by clicking here, and make sure to inquire about the Dual Fuel Discount!

If you’re interested in becoming a Mitchell Heating Oil Customer please call (800) 237-3835 to speak with one of our customer care representatives, or simply click on the “Become a Customer” button below. We look forward to serving you and your family.


Greenwich, CT Customer

“Since first being introduced to your company during the Irene weather event, I have been constantly impressed with your company’s attention to detail, friendliness of your support staff and most importantly the training and professionalism of your service and fuel delivery people. It’s more than readily apparent that the Mitchell family takes pride in both their work and the people they hire and train. The two young men you sent to my employer’s house yesterday were obviously trained exceedingly well and both took great pride doing a first class job!

Danbury, CT Customer

“I just want to make sure someone knows how appreciative I am to Mitchell. Everyone since the first setup has been so professional, accommodating and responsive to all requests. That’s not something you see much of these days. Customer service is nearly nonexistent in so many areas of business and so impersonal. At Mitchell, anyone answering the phone has always been terrific in handling requests and/or issues with high satisfaction. Mitchell has truly hired the best and should be commended for their customer service and for standing behind their name and reputation. Thank you!

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