I just wanted to let you know that we were very grateful and happy with the crew that removed and replaced our oil tank. You really have some very qualified and nice people working for you. “Team Mi...

-- Brookfield, CT Customer

Ecopower Ribbon Cutting

We hosted a ribbon-cutting at our New Milford Sunoco Car Wash, Tuesday, April 10, 2012 to introduce a new, green energy system that can help change the way our region consumes energy – the Ecopower Combined Heat & Power System. Mitchell was selected as the first licensed distributor and servicer in the country of the Ecopower Cogeneration System. This unit generates heat and electricity at the same time, so it’s basically both a generator and boiler that lives inside your mechanical room. Ecopower has been widely popular in Europe and has just recently  begun distribution in the states, with 20 functioning units in CT and NY alone. April’s launch introduced the CHP unit, winner of the 2011 Energy Star Emerging Technology Award, to attendees: Mayor Pat Murphy, Christopher Blocker (New Milford’s Economic Development Supervisor), members of the local business community, and local media.


Our team was thrilled at the great turnout for this event. It is great to see that the community seems to be just as excited as we are about this new, energy-efficient system. To read the article that was featured on The News Times’ website please click here.

Here are a few of the local newspapers who featured our event: